03 Jun 2011

AudioReactive Piece pt. I

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The idea was to create a audiovisual piece that would be immersive, seemingly organic, and audio-reactive.

One of the reasons I started leaning computers was the idea that through software a computer can be a sort of generative machine infinitely snipping out new compositions full of unique shapes, colors, and even sounds.

The program was patched together in vvvv.

The design itself is very simple. There is a main patch which contains 3 double nested arrays that transform the camera and projection views. If you where to decrease the number of items in the system you could tell exactly what is going on inside.

There are also a bunch of rotations and transformations courtesy of 3 Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO). LFO are very powerful feature of any programming environment because they allow you to quickly prototype a program/idea into existence.

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